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Home Modifications and Occupational Therapy

What Can a Home Evaluation from The Therapy Place Do For You?

Because our population is aging and many people have one or more disabilities, home evaluations are increasingly important to provide effective occupational therapy for adults with age-related challenges.

In one poll by AARP, 90% of older adults voiced a desire to age in place, thereby increasing the need for these kinds of services. Aging in place refers to the ability to remain in the home even if the client’s abilities have declined.

As the population of older adults continues to grow dramatically, home modifications are a key factor in enabling individuals to age in place. Home modifications are adaptations to living environments designed to increase use, safety, security, and independence for the client. Home modifications are used in conjunction with assistive devices and, possibly, home repairs and can reduce the challenges posed by the environment, thereby supporting an individual’s stay at home capabilities.

The occupational therapy practitioners at The Therapy Place are experts at identifying the cause of difficulties in performance of activities of daily living.

Occupational therapists evaluate both the skills of the client and the environmental features that support or limit the performance of meaningful or necessary activities. Based on this assessment, they recommend modification and intervention strategies that improve the fit between the person and his or her environment.

As part of the home modification process, our services include assessing needs, identifying solutions, implementing solutions, training in the use of solutions, and evaluating outcomes that contribute to the home modification product’s success. One example is installing a chair lift if the client cannot climb the stairs to the second floor of the home. Another example is adding railings and grab bars to bathroom or other walls to provide support during functional mobility and self-care activities.

The findings from our process may be recommendations for alterations, adjustments, or additions to the home environment using specialized, customized, off-the-shelf, or universally designed technologies, equipment, and products. Additional recommendations may address controls and cues, finishes, furnishings, and other features that affect the layout and structure of the home, and contribute to the safety of its occupants.

Others who may benefit from home modifications include clients of all ages with health conditions, sensory or movement impairments, or cognitive disorders that have an impact on their occupational performance, safety, and well-being. Home modifications also may provide the opportunity for someone to move from a more institutional setting (like a skilled nursing facility) into the community, or home, if he or she desires.

Occupational therapy practitioners can provide unique and valuable services in home modifications, both directly and indirectly to promote safety and function, so that individuals can participate in their daily occupations and activities of choice.
No question or symptom is unimportant to us! Our mission is to enable people of all ages to live life to its fullest by helping them promote health and prevent or better accommodate illness, injury or disability to improve the quality of daily living.

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